Affected By COVID-19, Notice About Delayed Delivery

Maternal and infant products are mainly shipped locally from the United States.

Standard delivery is free from 7-10 working days. There may be a 3-5 day delivery delay
Express delivery from 4-7 working days, $ 9.99 delivery fee, there may be a 2-4 day delivery delay.

About COVID-19 protection products, shipped from China.

Standard delivery: 20-30 business days, there may be a 7-10 day delivery delay.

*Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our warehouse and shipping operations, order process and shipping time may be delayed up to an additional 7 business days.

Orders will go through 2 phases before being delivered
1.Order processing time: The amount of time it takes for us to prepare your order for shipment. This involves the securing of stocks, in some cases, and the checking of Product Quality.

2.Shipping time: The amount of time it takes to receive your order after your order has shipped. Shipping times can vary depending on your location and shipping methods. Please check details below.

All packages have specific tracking information.

NOTE: If you don’t receive our Customer Service team’s response for an extended period of time (24 hours on weekdays, 48 hours on weekend), please check your Contact email’s Spam folder. Our emails may have been filtered incorrectly by your email server/provider.



1. Where do the goods come from, and what kind of logistics is mainly used?
Products are shipped from FBA warehouses in the United States, usually delivered using USPS, and are mainly used in the US market.
Some products are shipped from China and the notice will be displayed in the first line of the product description.

2. Are all goods shipped for free? How long does it usually take to receive the goods?
All products will be delivered free of charge by standard shipping method within 7~10 business days;
Expedited shipping costs $ 9.99, which takes about 4~7 business days.
Products shipped from China take about 20-30 working days with free shipping.
Delivery times vary by state.

3. Why is the actual amount I paid different from the price shown on the product?
This is due to the real-time exchange rate(ONLY for Credit Card) of the US dollar and RMB. Occasionally there is a 2-3% exchange rate difference. If you encounter this situation, you can contact us to refund the difference caused by the exchange rate.

4. What payment methods do we have when purchasing products?

At present, we mainly use Paypal (RECOMMENDED) as the main payment method, which is convenient and quick.

In addition, we also provide Credit Card payment, mainly VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club for secure payment.
Provide customers with more secure payment methods and provide them with a good shopping experience.

NOTE: The BAMMAX Credit Ccard payment channel entrusts the third-party institution(WIN TO PAY) to collect money, so the beneficiary institution shown is not BAMMAX. Please rest assured that this is a secure account for receiving money.
Some customers may need to call the bank for authorization to request payment approval, please understand.
Thank you

5. Can I reuse different coupons?
will not. We will provide customers with certain discounts based on different discount activities. Coupons can only be used once per order. If there are no coupons, check for automatic discounts. Or feel free to contact us to solve your problems during shopping.

6. What should I do if the received goods are damaged?
If you receive a product that was damaged due to non-human factors, we will return it or exchange it for free. We will bear all the losses.
NOTE: Please confirm whether the goods are intact within one week after receiving the goods.
If the product is damaged due to human factors, we can replace the product for the customer within 7 days, but the buyer needs to bear a certain cost.

7. If I do not like the product during use, can I return it?
Yes. We provide return service to customers within 30 days.
For more than 30 days, you can deal with it according to the actual situation.

BAMMAX reserves the right of final interpretation.
If you have any questions during shopping, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible within 24 hours