Balance Your New Life

Why Not Wing It A Little?

Loss of freedom because of start raising a child? According to MMWR, there are surprisingly over 15% of new moms are overcome by postpartum depression. 

We’ve seen many of our good friends feeling the pressure about having a child, including us.

So…why not wing it a little?

We Found A Happy Hole

The founders of BAMMAX are also several young parents. We met in 2018 and shared the common experience of having a new life in our life. Imperfection is the reality. It’s hard at first, from choosing the new maternity clothes, work time breastfeeding to changing the diapers…luckily we are keen on finding unique ways to incorporate our own passions into the things we do with our children. 

We felt that in this parenthood experience, most of the current brands misunderstood our identity as a ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ and failed to fully meet the more personalized needs of young parents like us. 

We decide to start a mother and baby care brand that values our own happiness, work and life should be more relaxed. 

Born of BAMMAX

To let these smart, savvy parents who want to share, learn, explore, and laugh about all the real-life moments, in 2018, we established BAMMAX.


Happy is for everyone -- kids and parents. We aim at creating a brand for these self-sustaining, independent thinkers who aren't afraid to make unconventional choices if that's what's best for their families.

We group these amazing people with years of experienced background in the maternal and child field together to make this happen.

Integrating art, free lifestyle, and extreme pursuits of quality into our products innovation, which better fits more personalized usage scenarios of the parents nowadays. 

BAMMAX Nowadays

BAMMAX is committed to being a maternal and child industry revolutionary international brand. Through the different e-commerce platforms, our products have been already sold to more than 20 countries around the world and are loved by 600k+ consumers. 

We are growing in a highly rapid way by focusing on the true parenthood experience in different countries. We firmly believe that the pursuit of high-quality products and self-happiness are resonances of the global consumers.

Anyway, it’s just a start, like every newborn. ❤️

Although my breasts are un-pumpable, the BAMMAX Breast Pump has played a crucial role during my new journey into fatherhood. My partner pumps and stores milk so that I can feed my son some of nature’s finest baby food, thus allowing her to take get some well-deserved breaks.