Why You Should Choose Magnetic Drawing Board?

Why You Should Choose Magnetic Drawing Board?

😍Are you looking for the ideal writing practice board? our portable educational magnetic tracking board is a great choice, practice writing 26 letters and 10 numbers correctly on a magnetic letter tracing board by simply following the arrows on the magnetic drawing board, help kids master numbers, letters, and build their word skills.
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We all know the importance of reading in the lives of our children. As parents of young elementary school children, we are always receiving reminders from teachers to read with our kids nightly. Most of us even recognize the importance of reading to our preschoolers. But what about our infants? Is it really important to sit down and read to them each day? In short, the answer is yes! Let’s explore a few reasons why reading to your infant is important.

Positive Experience
No matter how smart your infant is (and every mom knows her baby is the smartest!), we all can admit that small babies cannot follow the plot of a story. Research has shown the importance of physical touch in the lives of infants. When we snuggle in with our babies and open a book, the reading of the book registers as a positive experience. The more positive experiences with books that we can link together for our baby, the more likely that he or she will be excited about reading when entering school. Consequently, it is also crucial to have “baby friendly” books available for your little one to interact with. We are not building positive book interactions when we repeatedly tell baby “no” when she reaches for a book.

Cognitive Development
Another crucial reason for reading to your baby is it promotes healthy cognitive development. When he is born, your infant’s brain contains 100 billion neurons. These neurons form connections with other neurons. If you as a caregiver create a nurturing and interesting environment for him, the number of his neural connections increases. Thus, by reading regularly to your infant, you can physically alter the wiring of his brain! So remember, reading that story before laying your little one down for his nap not only provides him with much needed physical touch, it also promotes healthy brain development.

Use these educational magnets boards can help your kids say goodbye to video games, It safer for your child's eyes.
It is for toddlers to make a wonderful gift for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, or special events.
Master writing the number and upper case letters of the alphabet an amazing and fun way instead of a video game.

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